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Bullock and Bosson has a proud heritage that spans over 85 years commitment to providing the highest quality business solutions in the Midlands area. As one of the longest established suppliers of print solutions in the area we can provide a bespoke print solution tailored to fit your exact requirements. Our office interiors division also create inspirational workspaces that are not just places of work and education but places where life happens, and people connect. We listen closely and consider your requirements relating to design, budget and timescale, fulfilling each in every way possible. Whether you are looking for a full-scale office refurbishment, or just need certain elements of your office space updating, there is no project too large or too small for us to take on. Our company ethos has, and always will be, to put our customers first. Our time in the industry guarantees that we are here to stay and provide office solutions for a long time to come.

Founded in
Bullock and Bosson was founded by Lawrence Bullock and Francis Bosson in 1935. There isn't much history noted on them, but what we do know is they had always sold office furniture and equipment. We also know that both of them were well respected in the community with Francis a scout leader of the highest honour (The Silver Wolf). He was awarded this soon after World War 2, which they both served in. Bullock and Bosson were commemorated as one of the few companies in the area following the war that despite the recession managed to survive and keep people in employment. In later years the business was passed onto Michael and John Bosson as well as Nigel Bullock and Marie Lowe.
Jim Phillips starts up Phillips CopyFax

In 1987, Jim Phillips started a company called Phillips CopyFax, from a garage in Sandbach. Due to the demand for faxes and photocopiers, business quickly expanded with him taking on 5 new employees in 5 years. Two of these being Sharon Blythe (shown in the photo) and Julian Sutton, who are still working alongside Jim to this day. This picture was at Phillips CopyFax first ever business exhibition, in what was an old sports hall.

Opened office & showroom in Crewe

As shown in the title, Phillips Copyfax first major sign of success was in 1992, when they opened their first office and showroom in Crewe. This came as a surprise to most of the business community considering the recession of 1990-91 which forced many competitors to lay off staff or go out of business. Ironically, Jim's success was because of the recession as businesses were reluctant to invest in new equipment and instead wanted to service their existing machines. This was something that larger companies shied away from, but Jim put his service to customers first, and was rewarded for it as his cliental grew.

Merger with Bullock & Bosson
bullockandbosson staff picture outside of clough street hanley showroom

In 1996, Jim purchased Bullock and Bosson. This buyout led to Jim merging Phillips CopyFax with Bullock and Bosson. This meant Jim collectively owned 7 stores with over 50 staff working for him. The largest of these stores was Bullock and Bosson's head office on Clough Street, Hanley which had 21 staff operating there.

Tough time for Bullock & Bosson

2002 was a tough time for Bullock and Bosson. Development on Clough Street, Hanley was the primary issue. The development involved the surrounding business premises being bought and redeveloped to make way for new roads and buildings. Some businesses were selling up whilst others were still awaiting offers, meaning that construction was going on that stopped foot traffic going to the Bullock and Bosson showroom. In the words of Jim "it became hard to plan business as you didn't know how long you are going to be in the current buildings".

Hit the front of the local newspaper

In 2006 Bullock and Bosson hit the front of the local newspaper with this odd leaving gift for John Beech who had been at Bullock and Bosson for 32 years! Soon after John started up his own farm. The deal for the Clough Street site talked about from 2002 went through, and it ended up becoming home to a new Tesco Superstore. This meant that in 2007 we relocated to some temporary headquarters on Victoria Road, Fenton.

In recent years

In 2013 we moved into our current building 'Douglas House' on Oldmill Street, Fenton. This was named after Jim's first offices in Crewe. Since being here we have built some rather large contracts with leading companies, whilst having a bit of fun along the way...

The Bullock & Bosson process

The Bullock & Bosson process

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